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 Print this page Series "The Grape Stone" (2011)

Series "The Grape Stone" (2011)

"The Truth is attainable, but not yet found"
Having devoted his exposition to the thinkers of Plato's Academy, who at the time of Lorenzo de 'Medici breathed new life into antique heroic humanism, the sculptor considers Florence Biennale to be the continuation of the discussion dedicated to "the dignity of man", and another attempt to render ideas about the purpose of Man in Cosmos. The exposition presents 3 marble sculptures executed in white marble by the means of the traditional technique without using electrical instruments. The author considers marble as the finest material most suitable for comprehension of concepts of God, the Universe and Man. Stone accompanies the whole 3-million-year history of mankind starting with the creation of the first flint weapons and concluding in an attempt of philosopher's stone synthesis. The first civilizations having cherished the key concept of God originate from the Stone Age. The choice of stone used by various civilizations determines their character. The Antique World has chosen for marble, a cheerful and friendly stone enriched by spirit of freedom.

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov Nike

Nike symbolized the victory of Reason in the battle between gods and people. This battle accompanies the whole history of the world and is still far from the final result. A certain role is foreseen for every single creature of Nature. Unfortunately, unconscious participation dooms man to turn from a leading participant to inefficient environment. However, successful cognition of the Universe serves a proof that mankind is gifted with an ability to win which determines the freedom of choice possessed by a human.

"Nike", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 43 x 20 x 21 cm., 1997.
Private collection.

FYI: "Nike 1" is available in Moscow, Russia.
"Nike 2" is availavle at "Marble Metaphysics" (Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).

marble sculpture by Sergey KhorikovPrometheus

Prometheus is one of the creators of the modern human being, a benefactor and supervisor. Having appeared under various names at different times of the human history, Prometheus generously presents new knowledge to mankind. In Egypt he was worshiped as God Thoth, who creates writing therefore connecting the past and the present. At difficult times, when the notion of personality was prohibited, Prometheus carries the name of Hermes Trismegistus, the founder of the map of mankind. Being truly generous, he always endows people, and takes away illusions only. At the times favorable to cognitive development of mankind, Prometheus creates philosophy, the science which makes mankind free from the shackles of dogmatism. By saying "No man ever steps in the same river twice" he exposes the genius guess about the evolutional nature of the universe under the name of philosopher Heraclitus. Being connected in a chain of development, all the creations of mankind - language, arts, religion, morality and science- are aimed to create the universal theory which makes it possible to solve the contradictions of a human's life. In the Middle Ages this process was known as synthesis of the philosopher's stone which was visualized in a sculpture revealing the essence of the relationship between God and Man.

"Prometheus", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 72 x 37 x 26 cm., 2003.
Private collection.

FYI: "Prometeus" is available for preview at "Marble Metaphysics" (Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).
"Prometheus 1" is available in Moscow, Russia.

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov Absolute Reality

The sculpture Absolute Reality is an attempt to unveil the fog of mysticism from notions of God, The Universe and Man. The motto of the sculpture is "Man is the measure of all things". Protagoras' saying reveals the aim of human existence. Mankind, like a bunch of grapes, is getting ripe on the vine of the Universe which emerges as the embodiment of the Creator's conscience. Man serves as a self-study and self-conscience tool of the Creator. Participating in the endless evolution of the Universe, Man works out his way home to the Creator and tries to imagine the absolute reality through familiar images. The Absolute is the sail and the wind caressing it, the raging sea and the velvet sky, the above and the below. The Absolute is self-sufficiency. Bearing in mind that the truth is attainable but not yet found, I wish everybody success on the path bestrewed with discoveries.

"Absolute Reality", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 94 x 30 x 10 cm., 2010.
Availavle at "Marble Metaphysics" (Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).

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