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Exhibitions 2011

03/12 - 11/12/2011 Florence Biennale, Italy.

Description of the sculpture:
"Man is the measure of all things".
Protagoras' saying is the motto of the sculpture, revealing the aim of human existence. The mankind, like a bunch of grapes, is getting ripe on the vine of the Universe, which emerges as the embodiment of the Creator's conscience. Man serves as a self-study and self-consience tool of the Creator.
Participating in the endless evolution of the Universe, Man works out his way home to the Creator and tries to imagine the absolute reality through familiar images. The Absolute is the sail and the wind caressing it, the raging sea and the velvet sky, the above and the below. The Absolute is self-sufficiency.

25/09/2011. Kunstjaarbeurs 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

marble sculpture There marble sculptures from the series "On the Quest for the Truth. Back to the Roots" were presented in the World Fashion Center in Amsterdam.The event was targeted at various audience and presented artworks of modern Ducht artists. Sergey's sculptures attracted a great amount of art lovers and were a great success.


14/09 - 18/09/2011. Open Art Fair, Utrecht , The Netherlands

The new series of sculptures "Delphi" was presented at the personal exposition at the Art Fair, in Utrecht in September 2011. The motto of the series "The Light of Reason" reveals the essence of Arts as the tool of discovery on the Quest for the Truth.
The series "Delphi" also appeals to the lovers of art and nature to support the campaign for protection of dolphins, amazing creatures of nature.

05/03 - 10/03/2011. V International Art Competition "Traditions and Contemporarity", Moscow, Russia

Eight marble sculptures were presented to the public, including the newly created sculpture "Pushkin" (2011) depicting the most famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin in a metaphorical interpretation of the sculptor Sergey Khorikov.
Download concept "Pushkin"
Brochure "On the Quest fot the Truth. Ancient Greece" (Russian)

08/02 - 13/02/2011. Weeks of Slovak Art in Berlin, Germany

marble sculptureSergey presented a marble sculpture "Arrows of the Hercules". Bow and arrows is the favorite weapon of Hercules, gift from Apollo. These arrows never miss their target, their venom is lethal even to gods and they aim at chimerical monsters - kings of the past who impede development of the mankind. Hercules freed the earth from numerous horrid creatures and became however the victim of his own arrows. Bow and arrows were passed to Philocthetes who was meant to kill Paris who caused the Trojan war and broke the divine law of hospitality that was made by Zeus to open the way for the humans to understanding of the world. Arrows of Hercules is a reminder that on the way of self awareness it is necessary to work. restlessly with both hands.

Subject description: Squeezing the arrow, Hercules is pictured in the moment when the wrath of the past reached its hand to him. The wrath he was fighting against all his life. Thanks to unusual compositional solution observer's attention slides from the hand with an arrow, to the face twisted by pain. Various techniques of marble carving in combination with metal gives the image dramatic tension.

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