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Exhibitions 2010

01/12 - 05/12/2010. Personal exhibition at Art Manege 2010, Moscow, Russia.

Marble sculptures from cycle "On the Quest for the Truth. Ancient Greece" and "On the Quest for the Truth. Back to the Roots" were presented on the international exhibition Art Manege 2010 in Moscow, Russia.
Download concept "Ancient Greece"

29/10 - 31/10/2010. Personal exposition at Kunst en Living Ahoy Rotterdam, The Netherlands

CAX Art Studio exhibited 6 sculptures of Sergey Khorikov on Kunst en Living 2010 in Rotterdam accompanied by a Dutch artist Tine Weissenbach who presented her press creations.

11/09/2010. Exhibition-reception "Back to the Roots"

An exciting event, an exhibition-reception "Back to the Roots" presenting the creations of Sergey Khorikov took place in Amersfoort in September 2010. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere art lovers and wonderful sculptures made the event an exciting adventure.

14/07 - 20/07/2010. International exhibition-competition "Slovakian Art Week", Bratislava, Slovakia

marble sculpture Expositional series "Ancient Greece" was granted I prize on the International exhibition-competition "Slovakian Art Week", Bratislava that took place 14-20 June 2010 in the exhibition hall of the Slovak Center of Artists.
The supervisor
Prometheus is one of the creators of the modern human being, he is benefactor and supervisor. Having appeared under different names at different stages of the human history Prometheus generously presents new knowledge to the mankind. So, in Egypt in the role of God Tot, Prometheus creates writing and therefore connected past and present. In Greece he creates philosophy. During favorable times Prometheus appears as a person and talks through philosopher Heraclitus:"Everything floats, everything changes". At difficult times when the notion of personality has been prohibited he is called for example Dr. Faust and tackles the problem of understanding the purpose of the mankind. Truly generous to people he presents gifts and takes away the illusions.
Subject description: Sculpture of a male with a snakelike tail going into the ground and arm developed into wings. The charismatic image is extremely strong and creates the feeling of the flight. The sculpture is slightly tanned and polishes that gives it an ancient glance. Technically very complicated sculpture still embodies the feeling of lightness and slim silhouette.

19/05 - 28/05/2010. Exhibition "Inspiration of Ellada"

marble sculpture marble sculpture
The event was supported by Greek cultural center and Greek consulate in Russia invited artists who prais Ancient Greece in their works of art. Sergey Khorikov presented 5 sculptures executed in white marble, conceptually bound in a mini-series "Ancient Greece".

13/05 - 30/05/2010. XI International Sculpture Symposium Borkel en Schaft, The Netherlans

18 sculptors from all over the world were invited to give a masterclass and show their skills. Sergey has sucessfully accomplished executing 2 sculptures in gaudi marble applying exclusivelly traditional tools. Such an event is a great opportunity to exchange experience and show skills to the vast audience from both professional and art loving surrounding.
The masterclass was followed by an exposition.
Newspaper Eindhovens Dagblad. (Dutch)

19/04 - 25/04/2010. Personal exhibition at Moscow House of Artist, Russia

marble sculpture2 sculptures ("Silen" and "Argo") from the cycle "Ancient Greece" exhibited on the "Russian Art Week" were granted the II prize.
The sculptor was invited to participate in "Polish Art Week" (November 2010) and "Slovakian Art Week" (June 2010).
The one who has the knowledge
Silen is the ancient titan whose life covered all five centuries of the mankind. He walked the Earth, saw everything, participated in events and has a lot to tell to the careful listener. The kind welcome of Silen by the king Midas has been generously rewarded by Dionis. Silen agrees to supervise Dionis on one condition: "The question should be precise". Tales of the ancient times communicated by Silen seem like mysterious fiction to unprepared listener that causes problems only to the listener as Silen is always honest and doesn't make up anything. The major difficulty of understanding the narrator can be explained by fact that his tales come from the most ancient times of the mankind and the essence of the stories can be completely understood only by the listeners of our time which more listeners.
Subject description: Fine white marble sculpture of a mythological character, a male with goat's legs is seated on the flat stone with half turned torso, one arm on the knees and another supporting the flat stone. The sculpture is perfectly composed, combines various techniques and produces great impact on the observer.
The happiness hunters
Argo is the ship of the Argonauts, the Ancient Greece heroes who set their sails on a quest for the Golden Fleece which brings the happiness to the country owning it. The pursuit of a heroic deed inspirits the human and gives him new qualities resembling the evolution of a humankind
Subject description: A statue of a human-ship created in an archaic manner which adds monumentality to the image, the wings-sails emphasize dynamics and tenacity of purpose.

19/03 - 28/03/2010. Personal exhibition at Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

Six sculptures featuring the cyclus "Ancient Greece. On the Quest for the Truth" were exhibited on the International Art Salon 2010 that took place in Central House of Artists in Moscow, Russia. The sculptor along with his creatins were filmed by narional tv chanel "Culture". Below you will find the translated version:
"In the section "Personal art axhibitions" artworks of Sergey Khorikov attract attention. The author is interested in ancient civilizations, myths of peoples of the world, Hellas, the Greek gods. All this for the sculptor is a source of inspiration. He embodies his ideas in marble -the favorite material of the ancient masters."Marble responses to the structure
of ancient Greece, its philosophy. The synonym of stone is friendly, open ", - explains the sculptor.

Mythological heroes for Sergey Khorikov are not just images of the distant past. He tries to present them in our time, to understand how Nike and Aphrodite, Prometheus or Hercules with bow and arrows. would have behaved now."The distinctive feature of these arrows is that they do not miss the target. Besides, they brought death even for the Gods. The major goal of those arrows is to kill the chimerical monster that impeds the development of mankind.Therefore, all the deeds of Hercules are subject to the destruction of these chimeras "- adds the sculptor.

Sergey Khorikov strives to achieve movement in his creations, as according to the ancient philosophers, "everything flows and changes". Improvisation is the major aspect for Sergey. He takes a stone, tries to picture the image in it, identifies the points and chops off all unnecessary. Therefore the final result is always unpredictable."
Brochure "On the Quest for the Truth. Ancient Greece" (Russian)

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