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Series "Delphi" (2011)
Motto: The Light of Reason

The motto of the given series reveals the essence of art as a means of serving the good of mankind. It is harmony, or internal balance which is the highest manifestation of art.
Such state can be compared to the feeling which arises when an observer sees a metal shiny ball finally stopping on a glass surface of the table and freezes. Every second you expect it to move in an unpredicted direction. The longer you watch it, the more strength is needed to keep the balance, the more effort it takes, the deeper the person feels his inner power. Harmony is the essence of all successful creations of a man, this is the essence of unity of a man and the universe.
Series "Delph" iis the appeal to the art lovers join the action dedicated to protecting dolphins, the wonderful creatures of Nature.

marble sculpture by Sergey KhorikovApollo fo Delphi

When looking at the sculpture in the form of a dolphin, we see an delicate figure of a sea creature, which reminds us of culture and legends of Ancient Greece, where people trapped in the raging waves were saved from death. Apollo revealed himself to people for the first time in the shape of a dolphin, a symbol of unselfish love to people. The Oracle of Delphi was answering the questions of various kinds, be it an everyday or political issue, created a structured harmonic social life of Ellada, which resulted in philosophy and science.

"Apollo of Delphi", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 1994.
Available at Kunst-galerie en Beeldentuin Oudenhove
(Rietberglaan 12, 8162 NE Epe, The Netherlands).

marble sculpture by Sergey KhorikovHarmonia

Daughter of Ares and Aphrodite, hatred and love, symbolizes the unity of contradictions. Harmonia, spouse of Cadmos, the founder of Thebes, the first city of European civilization, reveals us the outline of future Europe to be seen nowadays. By striving to achieve inner balance, it is possible to bring harmony to society.
The small female torso with a drape illuminates tranquility, which is a reflection of inner balance. There is balance in everything: the torso is static and straight, but at the same time one can see the inner movement. Naked skin is balanced by the drape. It seems, however, that the balance is fragile and will last as long as the power holding it is in tension.

"Harmonia", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 1998.
Available at Kunst-galerie en Beeldentuin Oudenhove
(Rietberglaan 12, 8162 NE Epe, The Netherlands).

marble sculpture by Sergey KhorikovSilenus. The one who knows

Silenus is the ancient titan whose life covered all five centuries of the mankind. He walked the Earth, saw everything, participated in events and has a lot to tell to the careful listener. Tales of the ancient times communicated by Silenus seem like mysterious fiction to unprepared listener that causes problems only to the listener as Silenus is always honest and doesn't make up anything. The major difficulty of understanding the narrator can be explained by fact that his tales come from the most ancient times of the mankind and the essence of the stories can be completely understood only by the listeners of our time which more listeners.
Silenus has seen the youth of our world, and while being the mentor of Dionysus, he taught him a lot. Apollo has spent three winter months in Hyperborea, when Dionysus was in charge in Delphi and brought relaxedness and fantasy to art. Unity of wisdom and fantasy help to find answers most complicated mysteries of the universe.

"Silenus", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 43 x 51 x 22 cm., 2006.
Private collection.
FYI:"Silenus 1" is available for display on request in Moscow, Russia;
"Silenus 2" is available at "Marble Metaphysics" (Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).

marble sculpture by Sergey KhorikovThe Smile

Birth and Death and the most contradiction notions, which create a storm of emotions in every human. The mysterious nature of phenomena created a great deal of religious concepts, aiming at explaining and using them. However, irreconcilable disagreements prove that the answer to the question still has not been found. The answer to the mystery of birth has been discovered long ago, human is born in lead an active life. Finding the answer to the question why numerous births and deaths, interlaced in a great stream of life, occur, needed a great amount of time.
The time has come and the answer was found: Evolution. It happens for the sake of Evolution, steady progressive motion of life stream, which results in reaching the tractable Goal, foreseen by the Reason.

"The Smile", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 37 x 31 x 12 cm., 2010.
Smile 1 is availavle at "Marble Metaphysics" (Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).
Smile 2 and Smile 3 are available in Moscow, Russia.

marble sculpture by Sergey KhorikovCadmos. Birth of Europe.

A noble hero, Cadmos, was sent by his father to find Europe, but the failed to find her in the land of barbarians. Following the advice given by the Oracle of Delphi he founded the city of Thebes on the very same spot there he slaughtered a dragon, dedicated to Ares. With the help of the warriors, created from the teeth of the defeated dragon, Cadmos built a great fortress, endowed the citizens with laws and took beautiful Harmonia, daughter of Ares and Aphrodite, to be his wife.
Years followed, Cadmos and Harmonia turned into snakes, and the city was flooded by a wave of barbarism. However, thanks to humanistic ideas the city was reborn as Europe. So, for the first, but not the last time, the borders of the European civilization expanded from the city of Thebes to the borders of Ellada.
The European civilization of nowadays, although flooded by various barbaric invasions, plays a dominant role on several continents.

"Cadmos", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 34 x 36 x 18 cm., 1993.
FYI: "Cadmos 1", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 38 x 32 x 12 cm., 2011.
Available at "Marble Metaphysics" (Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).

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