marble sculpture Sergey Khorikov

marble sculpture Sergey Khorikov

CONCEPT: Marble Metaphysics by Sergey Khorikov

Having chosen marble as the main material, Sergey successfully embodies highest quality in unique works that are risky and challenging from a technical standpoint, painstrikingly executing the most miniature details.

By the means of masterfully carved stone, Sergey attempts to exposure the inner relation of God and Human, combined with overwhelming perfection of the world around. Sergey's marble sculptures reveal deep, sometimes torturous state of human soul, rational approach and wholesome illumination of personality's evolution.

Basing many of his works on numerous sages and ancient Greek myths, Sergey pays careful attention to vivid images carved in stone. Many of the sculptures are unique and have a conceptual meaning. Structurally based in a philosophical scheme they reveal the deepest universal concepts.
The art of Sergey Khorikov could be seen as mythic embryo developing in the skilfully created sphere revealing more and more peculiar details to the observer. To get the most of the sculpture it is of great necessity to observe it from all sides as the details captured by human eye initially, start transformation and develop themselves in boundaries between real and unreal.

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