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Series "On the Quest for the Truth. Back to the Roots" (2010- 2011)

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov Tsar of the Woods

Forefathers of the modern mankind
While trying to save themselves from the Great Flood, Deucalion, son of Prometheus, and his spouse Pyrrha, came to the mountains located in the North of modern Greece and founded a settlement Dodona, named to honor Zeus the Savior and the nymph, who supported them.
This is the place where all Hellenic tribes, a folk rich in great heroes-clairvoyants, "who sleep on the ground and listen to the will of great Zeus from the top of the highest oak" (from the prayer of Achilles) originate from. Thanks to their endless effort a series of "rebirths" has created the developing harmony of the civilization of heroic humanism. The sculpture "Tsar of the Woods" is a reminder of one of such heroes-clairvoyants, Sir James George Frazer.
The author of "The Golden Bough" dedicated his life to collecting and analysis of great ethnographic data, and studied the connection between modern religions and ancient beliefs, reasons of creation of religious mindset as well as future tendencies.

"Tsar of the Woods", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 74 x 40 x 25 cm., 2005.
Available in Moscow, Russia. Soon Tsar of the Woods 2 will be also availavle at "Marble Metaphysics" (Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov Protheus

Protheus is the owner of all the secrets of the protosea and the whiteness of the birth of the ancient world. He cannot lie, but in order to make him speak it is necessary to bind him tightly with a precise question. Moreover you should not be afraid to hear the most unexpected answer. The truth can be shocking.
Protheus has a great memory and remembers the time of his youth. It was the time of active colonization of Atlantis. Protheus used to live on a small island at the source of the Nile. This island served as a lighthouse on the way to Egypt. He is the best navigator of the world and knows the way to the Motherland from any part of the Mediterranean Sea, he also knows how to make the right wind blow.
The legendary Atlantis is more than 11,5 thousand years old. It takes us back in time to the end of the last ice age, when the modern look of the European continent has been formed. The time of birth, existence and death of Atlantis cannot be traced in the myths of the creation of the world. Atlantis is a different, ancient protoworld, inhabited by titanic tribes.
By studying the protoworld of the times of Atlantis help us the determine the moment of the appearance of the humans of the modern kind. It is not a coincidence that the map of the capital of Atlantis consist of concentric circles crossed by the channels. Such a map evolved into the symbol of goal.

"Protheus", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 29 x 24 x 8 cm., 2010.
Available in Moscow, Russia.

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov Phoenician Ship

"Poseidon has two hands: one is greed, another is cruelty"
Phoenicians are the people of the "purple country", which symbolizes the sea overpowering the land. This folk has passed great knowledge and technology of the ancient world to the inhabitants of the antique times. Among such precious gifts are writing and religious schemes, which reveal the structure of the Universe. Many European gods and heroes originate from fishermen's Sidon, Byblos, rich in books and the governing Tyre.
Even the name of our continent originates from the name of the daughter of the legendary Phoenician tsar Agenor, who was kidnapped by Zeus. Cadmus, one of the sons of Agenor, was sent by his father to find the missing sister. Cadmus did not find his sister but founded a city, Phoebe - the first cultural center of the European civilization, famous for its heroic humanism.

"Phoenician ship", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 30 x 47 x 18 cm., 1994.
Available in Moscow, Russia.

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov The Smile

The mystery of death.
Birth and Death and the most contradiction notions, which create a storm of emotions in every human. The mysterious nature of phenomena created a great deal of religious concepts, aiming at explaining and using them. However, irreconcilable disagreements prove that the answer to the question still has not been found.
The answer to the mystery of birth has been discovered long ago, human is born in lead an active life. Finding the answer to the question why numerous births and deaths, interlaced in a great stream of life, occur, needed a great amount of time.
The time has come and the answer was found: Evolution. It happens for the sake of Evolution, steady progressive motion of life stream, which results in reaching the tractable Goal, foreseen by the Reason.

"The Smile", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 37 x 31 x 12 cm., 2010.
Smile 1 is availavle at "Marble Metaphysics" (Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).
Smile 2 and Smile 3 are available in Moscow, Russia.

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov Nereus

Nereus is the prophetic old man, who has answers to all sorts of questions.

"Nereus", marble, 2010.
Availavle at "Marble Metaphysics"
(Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov The defeated titan

Powerful gods and furious titans have been involved in the eternal conflict and have been fighting for the power over the world. Outrageous titans have tried to conquer the sky numerous times in hope to regain their position. However, they lack a powerful weapon against fast lightning of Zeus. The defeated titans will spend the rest of their existence as chimerical creatures with no hope to go back.
The destiny of the defeated titans, who have lost the major battle, reminds us that the world is nothing but a metamorphosis.

"The defeated titan", author Sergey Khorikov, gaudi marble, 2011.
Available at Kunst-galerie en Beeldentuin Oudenhove
(Rietberglaan 12, 8162 NE Epe, The Netherlands).

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov Argo 2

Towards the source of the great sea
The quest of Argonauts is the attempt of the heroes of Ancient Greece to get the Golden Fleece for their motherland, which was believed to bring development to the country. In order to get it the heroes had to travel to the source of the Mediterranean Sea through a channel, which was protected by two enormous rocks. It is for centuries that the rocks were constantly clashing against each other in the eternal fight for power. All the ships, which did not have enough time to pass the rocks, were crashed into pieces. It was the first time that the heroes of Ancient Greece managed to expand their horizons thanks to the trip they undertook.
The feather from the tail of a pigeon is the hand of the compass, which shows the direction, leading to the successful development of mankind. Such a compass helps us to say goodbye to the archaic stereotypes we inherited from out tailed forefathers. Life is not a cycle.

"Argo 2", author Sergey Khorikov, gaudi marble, 2011.
Available at Kunst-galerie en Beeldentuin Oudenhove
(Rietberglaan 12, 8162 NE Epe, The Netherlands).

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov Protohuman

Anteros - the Eros of the epoch of Uranus
He is the guardian of the first steps of the wonderful scheme of the development of mankind. Such a scheme was left to us as a present from the legendary Atlantis, which has discovered the way to control own mind.
The difference between soft graphite and incredibly hard diamond is just in the structure of the crystals of the very same element: carbon.
The mind of man, structured in the right way, does not have any limitations in this world and resembles a diamond tool, which changes the shape of the World. It is not important whether it is a utopian scheme or reality. Pure utopia does not exist on its own. It is its presence, which changes reality.

"Protohuman", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 38 x 45 x 20 cm., 2003
Availavle at "Marble Metaphysics"
(Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov A piece of victory

Nike (Greek) - victory
Nike symbolized the victory of Reason in the battle between gods and people. This battle accompanies the whole history of the world and is still far from the final result. A certain role is foreseen for every single creature of Nature. Unfortunately, unconscious participation dooms man to turn from a leading participant to inefficient environment. However, successful cognition of the Universe serves a proof that mankind is gifted with an ability to win which determines the freedom of choice possessed by a human.

"Nike 1", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 43 x 20 x 21 cm., 1997.
Private collection.

FYI: "Nike 2" is available in Moscow, Russia.
"Nike 3" is availavle at "Marble Metaphysics" (Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).

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