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Sergey Khorikov is the Russian sculptor who strives to place universal human experience and feelings in the centre of his artistic creation embodying amazing images in marble. Sergey was born in Moscow, the former USSR, in 1955.

After leaving Moscow high school in 1972 he started working as an apprentice and later a co-author of Moscow established sculptors of that time mastering the traditional technique of carving marble without using electrical instruments.

Since 1973 Sergey was also engaged working for the Ministry of Defense of the USSR and in the workshops of the Soviet Fund of Culture sculpting in marble and granite busts of generals and marshals as well as political leaders. In his spare time, however, he continued to pursue his passion for sculpting in the classical tradition. With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the communist system Sergey has worked on his own in his studio in Moscow.

In the early 1990s he created the cycle "Rejecting the dogma", a series of marble sculptures investigating the main Christian idea of sacrifice. In the 1990s a number of his marble sculptures including those from the cycle "Rejecting the dogma" were exhibited in the art galleries in San Francisco, the USA. Later in the 1990s Sergey started working on the cycle "On the Quest for the Truth" devoted to the ideas of humanism. His attempts to exposure the inner relation of the God and human, to reveal deep, sometimes torturous state of human soul and to illuminate the ways of personality's evolution have resulted in creation of 37 unique handmade sculptures carved in Siberian marble of highest quality that are risky and challenging from a technical standpoint. The cycle was completed in 2008 and is accompanied by brief description and comments on each sculpture. All the sculptures are available.

Sergey follows traditions of ancient masters and creates marble sculptures exclusively with traditional tools. His hand-carved sculptures represent the beauty of marble in full spectrum.In 2000-2007 the sculptor was engaged in several projects on restoring and decorating with carved marble and limestone Russian Orthodox churches in Moscow and the Moscow Region.

In 2007 Sergey started a new cycle of sculptures "Ancient Greece" the first part of which is dedicated to Homerus and his characters while the second part deals with the Labours of Hercules.

In October 2009 Sergey participated in the 6th International Competition of Contemporary Arts "Russian Art Week" presenting 2 recent sculptures to public. In November 2009 Sergey exhibited 4 conceptually bound sculptures at Art Event 2009 Antwerp, Belgium.

Six sculptures featuring the cyclus "Ancient Greece. On the Quest for the Truth." were exhibited on the International Art Salon 2010 that took place in Central House of Artists in Moscow, Russia in March 2010. 2 sculptures ("Silen" and "Argo") from the cycle "Ancient Greece" exhibited on the "Russian Art Week" were granted the II prize at Moscow House of Artist, Russia in April 2010. In May 2010 Sergey took part in the XI International Sculpture Symposium Borkel en Schaft, The Netherlans. Followed by an exhibition "Inspiration of Ellada" supported by Greek cultural center and Greek consulate in Russia.

In July 2010 Cycle "Ancient Greece" including sculptures "Silenus", "Prometheus" and "Argo" were granted the I prize at International Slovak Art week, Bratislava, Slovakia. Sergey Khorikov cooperates with Russian sculptors and decorators.

The new cyclus of sculptures "Back to the Roots" was presented on Kunst en Living art event in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in November 2010.

In December 2010 on a personal exhibition at Art Manege 2010, Moscow, Russia sculptures from cycle "On the Quest for the Truth. Ancient Greece" and "On the Quest for the Truth. Back to the Roots" were presented.

2011 started with a participation in Russian Art Weeks in Berlin, Germany, followed by a Festival of Art "Traditions and Contemporaneity" in Moscow in March 2011.

In September 2011 the new series of sculptures "Delphi" was presented at the personal exposition at the Art Fair, in Utrecht in September 2011. The motto of the series "The Light of Reason" reveals the essence of Arts as the tool of discovery on the Quest for the Truth.
The series "Delphi" also appeals to the lovers of art and nature to support the campaign for protection of dolphins, amazing creatures of nature.

At the end of September 2011 there marble sculptures from the series "On the Quest for the Truth. Back to the Roots" were presented in the World Fashion Center in Amsterdam.

In December 2011 Sergey Khorikov exhibited his sculptures at Folrence Biennale in Italy.

In January 2012 New Place Art Gallery, a Dutch gallery, aimed at high quality art works with deep philosophical meaning, is an official supporter of the project "Marble Metaphysics" that has been introduced in the Netherlands.

In March 2012 an extensive solo exhibition of Sergey's series "Back to the roots" has been organised under the brand "Marble Metaphysics", a project that gains its strength and a great number of followers from the whole world at Kunst & Living 't Gooi, Hilversum, The Netherlands.

Kunst-galerie en Beeldentuin Oudenhove gallery exhibited two sculptures of Sergey Khorikov: Apollo of Delphi (white marble, 2003) and Harmonia (white marble, 1994) during Art and Antiques Fair in 's-Hertogenbosch in April 2012.

During the 17th edition of Art Laren, Singer Laren, The Netherlands the Dutch art gallery Kunst-galerie en Beeldentuin Oudenhove exhibits a number of sculptures executed by Sergey Khorikov.

In July 2012 Sergey won the prize at VI International Art Competition "Traditions and Contemporarity", Moscow, Russia and appeared on national tv and radio.

An exhibition of the artistic union "Alter Ego", Moscow followed in July 2012, where three marble sculptures "Silenus", "Amazon" and "Eagle of Zeus" have been exhibited durring the exhibition of the artistic union "Alter Ego" in Central House of Artists in Moscow, Russia.

In September 2012 Sculptures of Sergey Khorikov were presented during Open Art Fair in Utrecht. Artworks of such artist as Peter van den Borne, Henri Senders, Irina Khabibova, Sergey Kolokolchikov, Anatoly Goryainov were also presented by New Place Art Gallery.

The year of 2013 started with an exhibition "Back to the Roots" in Central House of Artists in Moscow, Russia.

Sergey's art is prized by collectors of Russia, the USA, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands. His works of art are available at the showrooms in Moscow, Russia and 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands.

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