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 Print this page Series "Apples of Immortality" (2012)

Series "Apples of Immortality" (2012)

The exposition "Apples giving immortality" is part of the project "Marble Metaphysics" launched in February 2012 when Sergey Khorikov's solo exhibition "The Grape Stone" was opened in New Place Art Gallery, the Netherlands. New Place Art Gallery is the curator, the Dutch gallery Kunst-galerie en Beeldentuin Oudenhove is a partner of the project.

The aim of the project "Marble Metaphysics" is to contribute to the process of achieving balance between the tradition and the contemporary life. Traditional European art dates back to the ages when modern man was developed and its main feature was and still is to explore and explain the world, placing the human's nature and the human's role in the world as the subject of its exploration.

The artist, the mediator, interprets and conducts the tradition of European art into the modern life. As the modern life is getting more and more complicated the knowledge about the world the artist obtains should be embodied in a piece of art with full understanding and clearness. In that case a positive balance between the knowledge consumed by the artist and the artist's contribution to the society is achieved, which provides stable development and allows mankind to move to the perfect future.

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov Gaia. Apples Giving Immortality

As a present for Zeus and Hera, Gaia, the Goddess of Earth, grew the apple-tree with the golden apples giving immortality. Gaia's apple tree is the tree of life bearing the fruit which can explain the structure and the mission of Man. To obtain the immortality by getting the golden apples is the desire of every hero.

"Gaia. Apples Giving Immortality", author Sergey Khorikov, marble,
86 x 50 x 18 cm., 2011.
Private collection.
FYI: Sergey Khorikov is currently working on another sculpture, inspired by "Gaia. Apples Giving Immortality".

marble sculpture by Sergey KhorikovTyphon

Emerging from the ages of the past, deadly Typhon is defeated by the glamorous lightning of the Present. In despair the creature strives to obtain the golden apple giving immortality but is deceived by being given a pomegranate apple of death and thus is finally conquered.

"Typhon", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 45 x 40 x 23 cm., 2003.
Available in Moscow, Russia.

marble sculpture by Sergey KhorikovThe Descent From the Cross

Being enchanted by the idea of obtaining eternal life, the Christians seem to have been learning for centuries to combine quite opposite things: to live in "the world" but be " not of the world". Such kind of super effort, sacrifice is one of the ways leading to achieving immortality.

"The Descent From the Cross", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 60 x 30 x 21 cm., 1992.
Available in Moscow, Russia.

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov Transformation

New times have brought forward the idea of achieving immortality through making personal efforts on understanding the purpose of a human's existence, through deliberate personal participation in perpetual development of the Universe which we can see as a transformation of simpler forms of life into more complicated ones. The process of transformation is far from its completion, which is the most important thing to be realised.

"Transformation", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 86 x 32 x 26 cm., 2000.
Available in Moscow, Russia.

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