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 Print this page Series "Ancient Greece" (2009)

Series "Ancient Greece" (2009)

Why marble?
Stone accompanies the whole history of mankind starting with creation of the most primitive stone tool and finishing with persistent attempts of the synthesis of the philosophic stone. 99% of the whole history of mankind is wholly governed by the stone as well as the key notion of the God was developed by the first civilizations. Search for the perfect stone and character of the civilization are bound. Thus, creators of Ellada chose shining marble, a friendly and happy stone that fully represents the freedom seeking character of ancient Greece, the blossom of the European civilization, to build towns and execute works of art. The motto "similar is learnt by means of similar" comes from Ellada. That's why deeply personal art of creating in marble, where marble is seen as a partner with individual features, allows the author to touch the heritage of ancient Greece and try to interpret the messages that embody the wisdom of numerous generations.

What is the mystery?
Generous Greek nature shares the knowledge of the ancient times; the creation of the world and its mysterious inhabitants. Tribes of Gods and titans with their chimerical offspring, the human and titan tribes and, most significantly, the tribe of heroes on the quest for the truth which forms the human nature.The heroes and their deeds form the moving power of the humanist civilization of self-awareness. Centuries passed but many of the deeds still await their heroes among those is the most significant one - find the clue to mystery of the sphinx of Thebes. Although ill-fated Oedipus failed to find the clue, he made the question more precise. The sphinx's question now sounds as "What is a human?"

marble sculpture by Sergey KhorikovAphrodite. Connecting the centuries

Aphrodite - Urania is the image that came to us from ancient depth and embodies the essence of centuries as well as embodies the major gift generously presented to the mankind. It is the ability of creativity that is nothing but miracle of giving the shape to the thought that has been acquired by the mankind throughout its existence.
The artistic realization of the thought creates stairs by climbing which the mankind hopes to meet the creator.

"Aphrodite-Urania", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 79 x 28 x 20 cm., 1994.
Private collection.

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov Silenus
Silenus is the ancient titan whose life covered all five centuries of the mankind. He has walked the Earth, saw everything, participated in events and has a lot to tell to the careful listener. The kind welcome of Silenus by the king Midas has been generously rewarded by Dionysus. Silenus agrees to supervise Dionysus on one condition: "The question should be precise".
Tales of the ancient times communicated by Silen seem like mysterious fiction to unprepared listener that causes problems only to the listener as Silenus is always honest and doesn't make up anything. The major difficulty of understanding the narrator can be explained by fact that his tales come from the most ancient times of the mankind and the essence of the stories can be completely understood only by the listeners of our time which more listeners.

"Silenus", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 43 x 51 x 22 cm., 2006.
Private collection.
FYI:"Silenus 1" is available for display on request in Moscow, Russia;
"Silenus 2" is available at "Marble Metaphysics" (Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).

marble sculpture by Sergey Khorikov Prometheus. The supervisor

Prometheus is one of the creators of the modern human being, he is benefactor and supervisor. Having appeared under different names at different stages of the human history Prometheus generously presents new knowledge to the mankind. So, in Egypt in the role of God Tot, Prometheus creates writing and therefore connected past and present. In Greece he creates philosophy. During favorable times Prometheus appears as a person and talks through philosopher Heraclitus: "Everything floats". At difficult times when the notion of personality has been prohibited he is called for example Dr. Faust and tackles the problem of understanding the purpose of the mankind. Truly generous to people he presents gifts and takes away the illusions.

"Prometheus", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 72 x 37 x 26 cm., 2003.
Private collection.

FYI: "Prometeus" is available for preview at "Marble Metaphysics" (Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).
"Prometheus 1" is available in Moscow, Russia.

marble sculpture by Sergey KhorikovThe universe

Heractitus' famouse expression "everything floats" expressed the genious guess of the eveloution essence of the Universe miraculously rulled by the unstoppable wirlpool of development with one major purpose: comprehend the essence of the creator. All the creations of the human spirit: language, art, science, religion, morale are the far charms of this oveerwhelming process and the purpose of the mankind to see the complete image. The key to that hard work is the motto: the image without essence is useless, and the essence without image is disgusting.

"The Universe", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 91 x 21 x 14 cm., 2001.
Private collection.

FYI: "Absolute Reality", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 94 x 30 x 10 cm., 2010 is available at "Marble Metaphysics" (Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).

handgemaakt marmeren beeldNike

Nike is the symbol of victory in the ancient battle of gods and people.

"Nike", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 43 x 20 x 21 cm., 1997.
Private collection.

FYI: "Nike 1" is available in Moscow, Russia.
"Nike 2" is availavle at "Marble Metaphysics" (Verwersstraat 45, 5211 HT 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands).

marble sculpture by Sergey KhorikovArrows of Hercules

Bow and arrows is the favorite weapon of Hercules, gift from Apollo. These arrows never miss their target, their venom is lethal even to gods and they aim at chimerical monsters - kings of the past who impede development of the mankind.
Hercules freed the earth from numerous horrid creatures and became however the victim of his own arrows. Bow and arrows were passed to Philoctetes who was meant to kill Paris who caused the Trojan war and broke the divine law of hospitality that was made by Zeus to open the way for the humans to understanding of the world.
Arrows of Hercules is a reminder that on the way of self awareness it is necessary to work restlessly with both hands.

"Arrows of Hercules", author Sergey Khorikov, marble, 35 x 51 x 16 cm., 1999.
Private collection.

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